“Growing up, Christmas was a very special time because my family expressed how we felt about each other in creative, funny ways that have become traditions, now carried on by our children. The grandchildren have added another layer with their participation, and it’s great to see how our traditions have become theirs too.” –Susan Lordi

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    Friendship Ornament

    Friendship is the sweetest gift!
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    Luminary of Love
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    Everyday Blessings

    May you be blessed with beauty and wonder every day
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    Starlight Tree Topper

    Radiating warmth, light and love
  • Front view of woman ornament with short brown hair, holding out a bouquet of pink flowers. Brown string attached to top of ornament
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    Thank You Ornament

    So appreciative of all you do!
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    a tree, a prayer Metal-edged Ornament

    Strength, beauty and peace each day
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    A beautiful wish for you...
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    Sheltering Animals for The Holy Family

    Giving watch, warmth, protection
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    Tree Silhouette

    a presence of life and light
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    Angel of the Spirit

    Nurturing the spirit, inside and out
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    2019 Ornament

    An abundant year of memories
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    Soar Ornament

    a time to reflect, a time to soar