Nativity Sets

Displaying Your Nativity

The Nativity Collection includes many figurines that can be displayed in a variety of ways to accommodate large or small spaces. Willow Tree® Brand Manager Ashley Crouch demonstrates some of our favorite ways to display the Nativity (note: this video was made before Susan carved Cypress Trees; they can be added in the same way that Metal Stars or other backdrop pieces are used.)


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As enduring as the story it portrays, the Willow Tree Nativity collection is as loved today as when it was originally introduced in 2000. Its simplicity and form has made it a timeless classic. As a Christmas gift, wedding gift or self-purchase, the Willow Tree Nativity continues on as a family tradition.

  • Tall Angels and two sets of Cypress Trees create symmetry and height
  • Cypress Trees provide a contemporary backdrop to the Nativity
  • Metal Stars create a rustic backdrop behind the Nativity
  • Tree Silhouette frames the Nativity in this simple setting
  • Additional Angels and Figures surround the Nativity
  • Build onto your display with The Three Wisemen and Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)
  • Additional Angels and Figures surround traditional Nativity pieces
  • Two sets of Cypress Trees and greenery balance this design
  • A full display with symmetrical figures and backdrop elements
  • Create an intimate scene with greenery, Stars, tall Angels and Shepherds
  • Elevate an Angel on the Angel Stand to highlight its gesture
  • Create a sense of anticipation as shepherds and sheep approach the Créche
  • Each carved animal has a distinct personality!
  • A peaceful grouping of Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe) and Little Shepherdess with her sheep
  • Peace on Earth and Little Shepherdess communicate a sense of peace and calm
  • A full display with additional angels and figures
  • A smaller, simpler display with core pieces
  • A tall narrow display for small places
  • Widen the scene with two sets each of Stars and Cypress Trees
  • Add texture with the lacy Tree Silhouette
  • Carved tall Angels and Cypress Trees give the Nativity a contemporary look and feel
  • A simpler presentation of the Nativity without the Créche
  • Mix and match Backdrops to add interest and variety
  • Create a Christmas tradition with the Willow Tree Nativity


Starry Night Nativity is a traditional narrative, told in a new way. Nativity figures are carved in bas-relief within an 8” box that opens as a triptych to reveal a deep blue starry night embellished with twinkling gold dots encircling an intimate scene.

  • Starry Night Nativity is a unique nativity scene inside an 8” carved box
  • Both the outside and inside of Starry Night Nativity are carved, hand-painted and gold-leafed
  • The center bas-relief carving of the Holy Family is hand-painted deep blue ombre with twinkling dots of gold-leaf
  • The right bas-relief carved panel is an iconic representation of the three gifts of the Magi
  • The left bas-relief carved panel represents the music of the shepherds
  • The outside doors are carved with imagery of nature and the cycles of life
  • Display on a table or mantel, surrounded by greenery
  • Hang on a wall with doors closed for year-round display
  • Doors can be opened at an angle to reveal the scene inside
  • Doors can be opened flat to reveal the scene inside
  • Starry Night Nativity is packaged in a beautiful keepsake box
  • Fitted Gift Box is securely padded on all sides for safekeeping
  • The story of Starry Night Nativity is written inside the box flap
  • Decorative slip sleeve keeps box securely closed
  • Starry Night Nativity is part of Susan Lordi's Signature Collection

Browse THE HOLY FAMILY Display Ideas

The Holy Family collection is ideal for those looking for a smaller nativity option. The 7.5”h figures are complemented by a backdrop of pierced curved metal, suggestive of twinkling stars. Four animals give watch, warmth and protection.

  • The Holy Family is the core one-piece figure in the smallest Willow Tree® nativity collection--approx. 7” tall
  • The complete collection: The Holy Family + Shelter for The Holy Family + Sheltering Animals for The Holy Family
  • Add greenery behind the Shelter and Sheltering Animals for a small, intimate nativity display
  • Add greenery and move the Sheltering Animals to the sides of the Shelter for a wider nativity display
  • The four Sheltering Animals can be arranged many ways
  • The cut-metal Shelter gives the appearance of twinkling stars at night

Browse THE CHRISTMAS STORY Display Ideas

The Christmas Story large-scale nativity collection has a majestic presence. The two-piece set of Mary and Joseph fit with the three Gentle Animals of the Stable on the wood base of the 24”h Sanctuary backdrop.

  • Tree Silhouettes add color and texture to The Christmas Story nativity collection
  • Add greenery behind the figures and animals for color and depth
  • The three Gentle Animals of the Stable can be arranged many ways
  • 24” tall Sanctuary and 15” tall figures are a majestic presence in the home
  • The Christmas Story collection is beautifully displayed on a sofa table
  • Add greenery to surround and soften the Sanctuary
  • Display on a side table in the dining room
  • On a wide hearth by the Christmas tree

Each of the four Nativity collections has a distinct heirloom quality of great value, creating family holiday traditions and gracing homes for many seasons to come. The classic Nativity provides the basis for a continuing tradition… one could start with the six-piece Nativity and Crèche, and continue to build with The Three Wisemen, Shepherd and Stable Animals, Little Shepherdess, the Zampognaro and many more pieces... it's a gift-giving opportunity for many years to come. Starry Night Nativity is the entire narrative told within an 8" box, with two hinged doors revealing the Holy Family, wisemen and shepherds carved in bas relief in deep blue ombre and gold leaf. A masterful, yet intimate portrayal in a small space. The Holy Family is another nativity for small spaces, with figural pieces as well as a set of animals and a pierced metal backdrop. The Christmas Story is a large nativity with a majestic presence for larger homes or churches. All reveal the humanity of the Holy Family through their expression and gestures.