Keepsake and Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes are larger, wood boxes with hinged lids. these two are ones of a girl and her dog carved on the lid and another of a woman and her baby

Bas relief carvings atop finely crafted, hand-painted Boxes. Keepsake Boxes are small resin boxes with detached lids. Memory Boxes are larger, wood boxes with hinged lids.Both are great places to keep treasures, notes, keys and jewelry.

  • Small cream keepsake box opened up - inside is grey with 'love' quote in black - other top part is image of faceless mom holding baby
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    Grandmother Keepsake Box

    Love that transcends the years
  • Overview shot of light grey wooden box with carved in image of faceless mother hugging child - all in white
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    Mother and Daughter Memory Box

    Protect and cherish; give wings to fly
  • Open square white wooden keepsake box - top of lid is carved in faceless girl holding faceless brown puppy
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    True Keepsake Box

    Truly a friend