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Images of artist carving figurines in a studio. Detail of gold 2020 crown and woman holding a gold flame.

“Willow Tree is very much about relationships and family, and the happiness and pain and healing that you experience just through living life. I pull from my own life experiences. Several of my pieces for 2020 are about being a daughter—really thinking a lot about my mom and dad, and how much they’ve always done for us, and now my sisters and brother and I are helping them out. Maybe it’s the circle of life... wanting to be there for them, wanting to protect and care for them… as they age. And appreciating more than ever, all they did for us while we were growing up.”

  • Side view of kneeling female figure in cream dress, with wire butterfly on extended hands, on marble background
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    Quiet Wonder

    May quiet wonders bring you hope
  • Front view, female figure in cream dress, holding green wreath of magnolia leaves. Hook and loop affixed to figure's head
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    Magnolia Ornament

    A gathering of blessings
  • Little One
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    Little One

    We’ve only just begun...forever my little one
  • Front view of female figure ornament in cream dress, holding large bouquet of yellow sunflowers up to face
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    Warm Embrace Ornament

    Surrounded by the warmth of family and friends
  • Notecard with image of figure holding gold-dotted cream skirt with both hands. Skirt is carved like Monarch. Blank inside
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  • Front view, figure in cream dress, holds skirt with both hands, carved like monarch, dotted with gold. Hook, loop on ornament's head
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    Butterfly Ornament

    Resilient, determined, courageous and beautiful...You have the qualities to transform your world
  • Front view of female figure ornament in blue dress, with arms raised up to face as if dancing
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    Journey Ornament

    Appreciating where you are...each step along the way
  • Loving My Mother
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    Loving My Mother

    I'm here for you, as you've always been for me
  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, hands surrounding small gold-leaf flame on chest
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    Ever Remember

    A flame continues to glow, safe within
  • Love you
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    Love you

    Just a little reminder