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Willow Tree Nativity Sets

Willow Tree Nativity Sets

The Classic Nativity Set

As enduring as the story it portrays, the Willow Tree Nativity Collection is as loved today as when it was originally introduced in 2000. Its simplicity and form has made it a timeless classic. As a Christmas gift, wedding gift or self-purchase, the Willow Tree Nativity continues on as a family tradition.


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Willow Tree Nativity Display Ideas

The Nativity Collection includes many figurines that can be displayed in a variety of ways to accommodate large or small spaces. Willow Tree® Brand Manager Ashley Crouch demonstrates some of our favorite ways to display the Nativity (note: this video was made before Susan carved Cypress Trees; they can be added in the same way that Metal Stars or other backdrop pieces are used.)

The Holy Family Nativity Set

The Holy Family collection is ideal for those looking for a smaller nativity option. The 7.5”h figures are complemented by a backdrop of pierced curved metal, suggestive of twinkling stars. Four animals give watch, warmth and protection.




Starry Night Nativity

Starry Night Nativity is a traditional narrative, told in a new way. Nativity figures are carved in bas-relief within an 8” box that opens as a triptych to reveal a deep blue starry night embellished with twinkling gold dots encircling an intimate scene.




The Christmas Story Nativity Set

The Christmas Story large-scale nativity collection has a majestic presence. The two-piece set of Mary and Joseph fit with the three Gentle Animals of the Stable on the wood base of the 24”h Sanctuary backdrop.




Four distinctive hand-painted Nativity Sets by Susan Lordi—each is a celebration of the Christmas Season. As a wedding gift for a couple just starting out, Nativity Sets are the beautiful start of a family holiday tradition. Each year, a figurine or angel or accessory piece can be added to complete the Nativity Display. The Classic Set has many pieces and interpretations; The Holy Family Collection is an intimate rendering suited to smaller spaces; The Christmas Story has a majestic presence and richly layered colors; Starry Night Nativity opens to reveal a beautiful bas-relief carving of Nativity figures in a starry blue background dotted with gold leaf. Any of these Nativity Sets are a welcome gift for holidays, weddings, birthdays.