Cat Figurines

The softness, the independent spirit, the brilliant stare, the total acceptance of us, in whatever emotional or physical state we appear in... that’s what we love about our idiosyncratic cats! With rituals and behaviors that do not always make sense to others, to us, they are family and we love them.

  • Front view of young girl with light brown hair sitting cross legged and holding a brown cat in her arms, both cat and girl gaze at each other
    Quick view

    Kindness (girl)

    Above all, kindness
  • Close up of carved white square stone - in the middle is faceless young girl holding brown cat
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    An embrace of comfort and love
  • Faceless angel figurine ornament wearing white dress and holding grey cat - she has black wire wings - background is white with green branches
    Quick view

    With affection Ornament

    I love our friendship!