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I love our friendship!
"Somehow our pets sense—they just know—how we feel. And totally accept us, in whatever emotional or physical state we appear. They teach us about friendship and patience and inner peace. They support us with loyalty, softness, an independent spirit and expressive gaze. It is true that animals have a sixth sense. It is the sense of love, unconditionally." —Susan Lordi
A gift to celebrate friendships. Especially nice for pet lovers!
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  • 5”h hand-painted resin figure with wire wings
  • Packaging box includes enclosure card for gift-giving
  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.
Our Story
Willow Tree sculptural art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… all the emotions of a life well lived. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. Pieces are cast from her original carvings, and individually painted by hand. Expression is revealed through gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. The simplicity of form and absence of facial features signify Willow Tree. It is Susan’s hope that these pieces be meaningful to both giver and receiver.
The Artist

Susan Lordi

Susan Lordi has a keen observation of the human form. Inspired by dance, art history, nature, and personal experiences with family and friends, Susan uses figurative sculpture to reflect our relationship with people and the world around us. In additi on to working in sculpture, Susan has spent years making art with cloth. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design and her fiber art has been exhibited internationally. A monograph of her art textiles has been published in the Portfolio Colle ctionby Telos Art Publishing and she is featured in the book Art Textiles of the World: USA.

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  • 955 dry pond road jefferson ga 30549

    Posted by Lisa Dodd on Apr 5th 2017

    My cat, Tiger Kitty lived 16 and a half years. I thought I would have my best buddy forever. He passed away Feb 14th. 2017. I ordered this sweet piece the day he went to heaven. It is perfect, I love it. It arrived in the mail the same day his cremation was complete. That precious angel holding the kitty, sits on top of Tiger's beautiful wooden box on a shelf next to the TV. I can look at it all the time and am reminded how grateful I am to have had him. I miss him so very much. Thank you Willow Tree for your special angels. I also have a few others as well. LIsa

  • MI

    Posted by Sarah on Apr 22nd 2016

    This past Wednesday(4/20/2016) my cat Silver passed away. She was 14 years old and we had her since she was a kitten. The Lord sent her to me and she became a great companion. It was just me, my son, who is now 20, and Silver. That was our little family. We moved all over Michigan together. Every time we moved she would sit on my lap in the car, that was the only time she would. She wasn't real crazy affectionate, but I know she loved us too.She was my buddy. She was so pretty, all grey with lime-greenish eyes. She would hear when I came home from work or wherever and sit at the steps by my entrance, and meow and be all happy. She was kind-of bossy but super cute. It's been two days since she passed, so I'm still at that stage where I factor her into all my movements around the house, expecting her to be lying on my bed, or watching me eat or just watching me in the kitchen,waiting for me to get out of the shower, sitting in the sunny spots. I love her so, miss her, yet am so thankful to have had her in my life and look forward to seeing her again in Heaven. She was a beautiful gift in my life. My sister gave me the figurine, it's on a shelf in my entrance way. It's sweet to think God assigns angels to care for the pets as they wait for us up there. Thank you for the tenderness displayed in the figurine, it's so sweet. Thank you for reading about me and my girl. Bless you all.

  • Minden, NE 68959

    Posted by Linda on Aug 11th 2014

    I saw this piece in the hospital gift shop about 6 weeks ago. I had a 19 year old gray female cat. I knew the end of her life's journey would be upon me soon. This piece reminds me of her so much. She was my ever-present and loyal companion. She was with me through many relationships and relocations. She moved with me four times. I had to end her suffering today because her little body was just giving out. I stroked and talked to her as she slipped away. She loved me unconditionally, and I will always love her for that.

  • New York

    Posted by Rachelle on Apr 19th 2014

    My daughter bought me this specific piece for my 47th birthday because it is an Angel holding a precious cat close to her lovingly in her arms. You see, on Tuesday April 15 my cat, Smokie, started acting like maybe she wasn't feeling good, but she wasn't in any pain, just laying around a little more not eating as much as usual. I didn't panic; she is 19 years old and has off days from time to time. But by Tuesday night she had only gone to the bathroom once which is really unusual for her and still not eating, so I am now more concerned. Wednesday April 16, I had to go to the doctor and was out most of the morning. When I got home it was obvious that Smokie still had not moved from the recliner where she had been laying this whole time so therefore had not eaten either. I picked her up and carried her to the kitchen and tried my best to get her to eat something but she wouldn't, she did however drink more water than I had ever seen her drink at one time. When she was finished I carried her back to the living room and fixed a pallet in the recliner where she had chosen to lay and gently lay her back down. I kept check on her and watched over her, she was responsive, in no pain it seemed, just no appetite, no will to move around, no apparent need to go potty, but then she wasn't eating and had only drank water that one time I told myself. So I kept watch over her, kept praying for her to be all right through the night. Thursday morning April 17, I went in and woke up my daughter. I told her there had been no change with Smokie and I was taking her to the Vet, I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt now it had to be something more than just an upset stomach like she had been known to get in the past. So we got ready and we went. I guess I should say too that I had not jumped and gone sooner because I didn't want to stress Smokie more by taking her. She doesn't like to ride in cars or to even leave the house, so I didn't want to make her go until I was sure she needed to but now I was sure. I know Smokie very well, I raised her. Her momma kitty abandoned her under a bush outside my house 19 years ago when she was a baby and didn't even have her eyes open because she was the runt of the litter and I found her and I rescued her. I became momma, I nursed her with special formula and bottles and fought hard to keep her alive. When she opened her eyes for the first time, I was what she saw feeding her, bathing her, doing everything for her so I was her momma and have been ever since for the last 19 years. But now we are at the Vets office and the blood work shows that my baby Smokie is very sick. Her white blood cell count is over triple what it should be, her blood sugar is over double, and she has a 104 temp. She has a bad infection of some kind and she is diabetic. I asked how can she become diabetic and so sick so fast without any warning signs, without me knowing it. The vet tells me that she has probably been diabetic for awhile but the strange thing about cats is that when they are feeling bad or sick they will do everything they can to hide it from their people because they don't want to worry them. So they pretend everything is alright and that they feel fine until things get so bad that it gets the best of them and they can't fight it anymore which is where we are now. But because of Smokie's age, there really isn't anything to be done that isn't just prolonging the inevitable and making her suffer more than she already has for me......and as much as it hurts me to lose my baby........I can't stand to be the reason she suffers.........or should I say continues to suffer. So the decision is made and I have to hold my baby Smokie while they give her a shot and she goes to sleep in my arms with her head on my shoulder, her face nuzzled into my hair just like she did when she was a kitten and she would sleep with me holding her, only this time I have to add my tears moistening her fur.

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