Holding thoughts of you closely
Forget-me-not is a thinking of you piece, with a universal message. She represents timeless friendship and love that spans any distance. She’s also another flower to add to the garden of colorful figures that include Sunshine, Beautiful Wishes, Surrounded by Love, Bloom and Happiness.
A gift to express sympathy, comfort and healing... an expression of love and caring… or for those who love flowers!
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  • 5”h hand-painted resin figure
  • Packaging box includes enclosure card for gift-giving
  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.
Our Story
Willow Tree sculptural art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… all the emotions of a life well lived. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. Pieces are cast from her original carvings, and individually painted by hand. Expression is revealed through gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. The simplicity of form and absence of facial features signify Willow Tree. It is Susan’s hope that these pieces be meaningful to both giver and receiver.
The Artist

Susan Lordi

Susan Lordi has a keen observation of the human form. Inspired by dance, art history, nature, and personal experiences with family and friends, Susan uses figurative sculpture to reflect our relationship with people and the world around us. In additi on to working in sculpture, Susan has spent years making art with cloth. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design and her fiber art has been exhibited internationally. A monograph of her art textiles has been published in the Portfolio Colle ctionby Telos Art Publishing and she is featured in the book Art Textiles of the World: USA.

Your Stories

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  • Swedesboro

    Posted by Christine Clinton on Apr 7th 2017

    I received the Willow Tree Forget-Me-Not on March 23rd, 2017 at a gala that I attended. A very dear friend of mine gave me the beautiful figurine, and one week later, on March 30th, I had her blessed by another dear friend. I really love my Forget-Me-Not figurine that I received, and I have her on my night table so she is always very close to me. This figurine is so very precious to me, and equally so very special to me; because of the meaning, and significance behind the thoughtfulness of my very dear friend who gave her to me. I love this figurine, and my very dear friend, so very much. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Utah

    Posted by NED AND SHERRY KEATH on Apr 29th 2016

    My Crew Leader Gabriella from my work place sent this to me along with a vase full of beautiful fresh flowers, my beautiful loving sister has passed away, and has gone on to Heaven to be with MOM and DAD, and the LORD JESUS CHRIST. And now she is in peace, where she will always be taken care of.

  • Winchester , Ky.

    Posted by Jo on Aug 11th 2015

    When I was 15 I lost my only brother. As you can imagine suddenly growing up as an only child was hard. Now I'm a grown woman and mother to 5 beautiful children. As a family we have always spoken of Alan, with lots of love. Last year my very thoughtful children got me this piece for my birthday in memory of Alan. They chose this as I have a tattoo with a forget me not flower and brother around it. Needless to say I was in tears when I opened my gift; it means so very much to me, I don't know what inspired the person to make this piece but I would like to thank them so very much, as every time I look at it I feel a little bit of Alan is with me. Thank you Jo x

  • Bountiful UT

    Posted by Deborah Coppin on Apr 5th 2015

    I received my figurine as a 50th birthday present from my nephew. I hadn't heard of Willow Tree before, but the piece is absolutely beautiful and a very poignant gift as my mum is in the late stages of Alzheimer's Disease. The Forget-me-not is the emblem of the Alzheimer's Society and holds a very special place in the hearts of our family. As I look at the figurine now I feel overwhelmed with the thoughts and feelings it provokes.

  • stroud, okla

    Posted by Jane Trinder on Apr 15th 2014

    I bought this piece today for several reasons - thinking of my mother-in-law who has memory problems, remembering my late parents and because I work for Alzheimer Scotland, where the forget-me-not flower is used for pin badges to remind people that we should never forget. I have displayed the piece on my window sill at work.

  • Australia

    Posted by Shannon on Apr 25th 2013

    I bought this for my 11 year old daughter to give to her best friend (also 11) as a sympathy gift for the loss of her mother. I had a hard time finding the right thing, and I think this covers it. She just wanted her best friend to know she was thinking of her.

  • Woolwich Mane

    Posted by Lynne Davescovich-Butcher on Apr 6th 2013

    I have had a very dear friend called Joanne. Joanne and I met when I started work 32 years ago and we struck up a great friendship. She had a very bubbly fun personality, had a lot of friends, and would cycle everywhere. Just before this Easter (27 March) she was knocked off her bike and killed. Today I bought one of the Willow figurines "Forget-Me-Not" in memory of Jo.

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