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Parent Figures

Parent Figures

Create Your Family Grouping

All these parent figurines are of a similar scale and work well together in groupings that reflect two-parent families and single-parent families.

Parent Figures

Adult figures work well with child and pet figures to create Family Groupings.

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the number of product on this page and in total are 25-31 of 31 items

  • Faceless mother figurine wearing white dress holding baby to her neck
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    Angel of Mine

    So loved, so very loved
  • Man and woman faceless figurines hugging one another sitting down on rocl - facing forward - woman is in white, man is in white and brown pants
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    Love ever endures
  • Man figurine and daughter faceless figurines sitting looking at one another - wearing white shirts and brown pants
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    Father and Daughter

    Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters
  • Faceless man figurine sitting with young boy hugging him over his shoulders - wearing white shirts and blue jeans - all white background
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    That's my Dad

    My favorite time is time with you
  • Man and woman faceless figurines holding baby in white outfit - man is dressed in white shirt and brown pants, woman is dressed in brown dress
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    We are Three (darker skin tones and hair color)

    It used to be just you and me, Now we are three - a family!
  • Faceless woman figurine holding young girl figurine in her arms - both in white dresses
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    Laughter with love... always
  • Two faceless woman figurines standing facing forward holding hands - left one is wearing light brown dress, right one is wearing white dress
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    My sister, my friend

    Walk with me. And along the way, we'll share... everything

See ideas for groupings that reflect your family.

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