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Create Your Willow Tree Family Grouping

Family Groupings are about your family, using Willow Tree® as a representation of personalities, familiar gestures… or memories. We positioned two or more figures together in 'groupings' that appear to be interacting, turned toward each other, touching, like families do. This may give you ideas for groupings that reflect your relationships.

“It's the little things that we pick up on, the small gestures that are unique to each person. That's what we see in those we love.” susan-lordi-signature


4 Steps to Create a Family Grouping



- 1 -

Start with a foundation piece, such as a parent or grandparents.



- 2 -

Then add children and pets.



- 3 -

Turn pieces toward each other so they appear to be engaged with each other, like you’ve captured a moment in time.



- 4 -

Use as many pieces as needed to reflect the configuration of your family, and add on as your family grows.


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Family Groupings are really about YOUR family—special because it’s different from everyone else’s. Perhaps you find parent, grandparent, sibling, child, and pet figures that, for one reason or another… some detail… are meaningful to you. A unique Grouping as a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift is a thoughtful and memorable reflection of your family. As a Grandparents Day or Holiday special surprise, a Family Grouping can be a group gift from all the grandchildren, as children can pick pieces that best represent them. Willow Tree is a reminder of a person, an expression, maybe an event or experience… or a memory of your family together.