Thank You & Appreciation


A beautiful way to acknowledge the people who enrich your life.

  • Woman figurine with brown hair in a bun and in white/blue dress sitting on grey printed rock
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    Love is patient, love is kind
  • Front view, female figure in cream dress, holding green wreath of magnolia leaves. Hook and loop affixed to figure's head
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    Magnolia Ornament

    A gathering of blessings
  • Front view, ornament of female figure holding wreath of magnolia leaves, 2021 carved in gold on wreath. Hook and loop for hanging
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    2021 Ornament

    Welcoming possibilities...
  • Faceless girl figurine facing forward wearing white dress, holding brown house figurine in her arms
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    Mi Casa

    Mi casa es su casa, My house is your house
  • Front view of woman with brown hair in a high ponytail leans forward as she holds a gray bird to her chest with both hands
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    Protecting that which we love
  • Front view of girl with brown hair in a bun holding a pineapple with both hands
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    A warm welcome from me to you