Love of Learning

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6”h hand-painted resin figure Packaging box includes enclosure card for gift-giving Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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  • Zofingen Switzerland

    Posted by Crystal on Aug 1st 2017

    Four years ago my youngest son was diagnosed with Dyslexia and along the way we sought the help of a counselor to help with some generalized anxiety and advocacy for services at school. It turned out that this counselor also worked as a part time educator at a local private college that I had dropped out of at age 18. At some point during our conversation, I expressed that I had thought about getting back in college for my degree in human services. She encouraged me to do so and highlighted that I was already doing the same work that individuals with that degree do, for my son. I am now one semester from graduating with my bachelors degree in Human Services and a minor in communication and just finished the last of three practicum classes, all which were taught by this blessing of a woman, the lord placed in my path. At the end of my last class together I presented her with one of these figurines as a token of gratitude for the words she uttered to me four years ago, that she may have thought nothing of at the time and the knowledge she had given me over my course work. I felt it was appropriate especially since my concern for my son's learning lead me to someone who has given me a tremendous amount of knowledge and the opportunity for a lifetime of learning.

  • New York

    Posted by Angie on Apr 25th 2016

    i am in a program where we learn in a college setting learning at our own pace. After a lot of hard work I reached a special milestone. i reached my five year mark at Noorthhoek academy. My dearest sister and my best friend wanted me to remember how very proud she is of me and how very much she will always love me. This is my very first of your collection and I will always cherish it. Sincerely, Angie

  • New Jersey

    Posted by Kylie on Apr 10th 2013

    I don't have the Love of Learning figure, but I was scrolling through these and thought "Wait. Is that me?" I'm really surprised how much these figures can capture the essence of you or another person.

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