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Children Figures

Children Figures

Create Your Family Grouping

These child figures work well with adult figures to create Family Groupings. Position them turned toward each other, showing sides and backs to reveal different aspects of the sculptures--expressing different "personalities". Use as many as needed to reflect the configuration of your family. Add on as your family grows.

Children Figures

Reflecting different ages, stages and personalities of our children.

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the number of product on this page and in total are 25-31 of 31 items

  • Young faceless boy figurine sitting on books with book opened in his hands - another book on the floor of his feet
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    Seek, explore, discover
  • Close view of blonde woman figurine in white dress holding black flower boquet
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    Friendship is the sweetest gift!
  • Small girl figurine wearing white dress holding up gold heart pendant
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    Kept forever in the heart
  • Set of two faceless little children figurines - sitting down, wearing all white
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    Two Together

    Love in abundance
  • Two small boy figurines wearing white shirts and brown pants -one is standing over holding the other
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    Forging a bond that lasts a lifetime
  • Two blonde faceless girls wearing white dresses hugging another on rock figurine
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    Sister mine

    Nothing comes close to the closeness of sisters
  • Two faceless woman figurines standing facing forward holding hands - left one is wearing light brown dress, right one is wearing white dress
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    My sister, my friend

    Walk with me. And along the way, we'll share... everything

See ideas for groupings that reflect your family.

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