Close to Me

Apart or together, always close to me
“This piece came on strong as my daughter moved to France earlier this year. I will miss her terribly, but at the same time, I am so happy and excited for her. It is a personal message to my daughter, that regardless of whether we’re apart or together, she’s always close to me.The sentiment applies to any age… a child going away to camp, a teenager leaving for college… the message is the same. The intertwined images carved on the figures’ dresses visually echo this sentiment. I understand this piece from both sides — having been a daughter, and having gone through the experience of raising a daughter to adulthood. I hope both mothers and daughters will connect to the emotions of this piece.” —Susan Lordi
A mother/daughter figure that expresses the connection, yet freedom, which exists in the best of relationships, near or far. A Mother's Day gift, graduation, wedding, birthday gift… a reminder of closeness even when apart.
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  • 8”h hand-painted resin figure
  • Packaging box includes enclosure card for gift-giving
  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.
Our Story
Willow Tree sculptural art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… all the emotions of a life well lived. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. Pieces are cast from her original carvings, and individually painted by hand. Expression is revealed through gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. The simplicity of form and absence of facial features signify Willow Tree. It is Susan’s hope that these pieces be meaningful to both giver and receiver.
The Artist

Susan Lordi

Susan Lordi has a keen observation of the human form. Inspired by dance, art history, nature, and personal experiences with family and friends, Susan uses figurative sculpture to reflect our relationship with people and the world around us. In additi on to working in sculpture, Susan has spent years making art with cloth. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design and her fiber art has been exhibited internationally. A monograph of her art textiles has been published in the Portfolio Colle ctionby Telos Art Publishing and she is featured in the book Art Textiles of the World: USA.

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  • Billings Montana

    Posted by Joann Kay on Apr 24th 2017

    I purchased Close to Me after I lost my Mum in October 2015. I have several other Willow Trees that all have sentimental value. I love that each piece has its own special meaning. When I look after my Close to Me it reminds me how much my Mum loved me and how much I love her and while I am unable to hold her in my arms, I hold her in my heart and memory and this piece is a lovely reminder of that. Thank you Susan.

  • Burlington ontario

    Posted by Wanda on Apr 19th 2017

    I lost my mother about a week ago. I am very sad. Mom and I were always very close but since she passed I have not felt her around. I immediately felt my dad around. Today my husband got me out of the house. We were walking around an outside mall just to get some fresh air. I went by a store window very fast and told my husband to stop something was calling to me. I looked at the statues and saw this one immediately I read the words close to me "Apart or together, always close to me". I knew it was my mommy letting me know she is still with me. When we got to the car and I took out the card and saw the name Willow Tree it confirmed it. My mom always told me that when I go thru hard times. I am like a Willow Tree I am flexible and bend during stormy times. I have it next to my bed so I know she is near. I have never collected statues like this before but I will treasure this forever.

  • Germany

    Posted by Deborah Wisse on Apr 29th 2015

    My daughter of 20 spread her wings and left our nest to start a life on her own, she left one day before her 20th birthday in May last year 2014. With Christmas when she came home for a few weeks she gave me the mother and daughter saying : apart or together, always close to me. It was so striking with how we both feel, I love the statues and there messages. I miss my daughter still heaps but the statue has a spot in the house where I can always see it and think of her and no matter what we are always close!!

  • St. Louis, MO

    Posted by DANA BROWN-KELLY on Apr 29th 2013

    I was so drawn to this piece. In February 2012 I lost my mother to cancer. When she decided to stop her treatments, she held me just like this and said "I am going to miss you." I placed the piece on my desk at work to remind me of that day. I miss you, too, Mommy.

  • Iran

    Posted by Julie on Apr 12th 2013

    I especially love this figure because it symbolizes the bond between my daughter and me. My daughter has Angelman's and Lennox-Gastaut Syndromes. She is unable to talk so she will walk up to me and hug me just like the girl in this figure. It is her way of saying, "I love you." I can't look at this figure without tears coming to my eyes and strong emotion welling in my heart. It is a beautiful statement of what can be said without using words. Thank you!

  • FL

    Posted by Kari on Apr 8th 2013

    About 10 years ago my mom nearly died from a sudden cardiac episode. We traveled to be with her to find her unconscious in the hospital with tubes and an IV. All I wanted -so desperately- was to give her a hug and feel her arms around me just one more time. Through the miracle of prayer and modern medicine, my mom actually got better! The doctors said she should not have survived and it is a miracle that she is still with us today. People with her condition are lucky to live a year or two and she has been with us TEN years now since that day. I get and give MANY MANY HUGS now, and every one of them means so much. This beautiful statue was given to me by my mom today as a reminder that she will always be with me and she will always hold me in her arms no matter what! What a beautiful and incredible blessing she is to me! This piece is a loving symbol of the love my mom has for me and that I have for her and it will forever remind me that you can never get too many hugs!!

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