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The making of a Healing Wish

The making of a Healing Wish

“It’s hard to know what to say when people are hurting. For me, it’s easier to draw what I’m feeling than to say it. I wanted to make something that was a visualization of empathy — what would it look like to magically lift away the pain and promote healing?



“Healing is a very individual process. My own experience is that nature heals. So I draw upon elements found in the natural world — wildlife, plant forms, water, sunlight.



“It’s the seasonal cycles and changes that make us so aware — spring rains, bird song, opening seed heads. To me, they are an affirmation of hope, rebirth, renewal.

"On this box, the gestures of giving and receiving suggest a story about healing. I hope that viewers can find meaning in the symbols and figures, and discover what is healing to them.” susan-lordi-signature



A beautiful and functional box for jewelry and keepsakes. Bottom of box has a velvety soft finish. Detached lid, with sentiment printed on back, can be hung on wall as a decorative plaque.

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