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Courageous Joy Figure

Courageous Joy Figure

Courageous Joy

“With this figure, I’m celebrating pride in one’s heritage – how knowing the past gives confidence in the present, and a sense of who we are.” susan lordi signature


textureWT EVD Courageous Joy


“Heritage can be expressed by customs or language, or as in this figure, textile patterning. The etchings that cover her are inspired by traditional African woven Kente cloth, mud cloth, and iconic Kuba cloth markings.


Courageous Joy other


“African textiles have such vibrancy!
And are tied to dance and rhythm and movement.


Courageous Joy 4

“She’s expressing who she is and celebrating the color of her skin, which shines through and contrasts with the lively patterns.


Courageous Joy 3


“Her exuberant stance is representative of what I hope she feels within. She’s standing up and standing tall, centered in courageous joy.”


Courageous Joy 2


“As a healing piece, her gesture reflects the uplifting support of those who love and encourage her... who give her the strength to advocate for herself in the healing process. To face obstacles and aggressions with courageous joy, to be seen and be heard, is perhaps a shared healing made more powerful by connectiveness and community.”


Courageous Joy 6


A gift to offer support during a friend’s or family member’s healing process; a daily reminder of one’s courage and strength; a gift to graduates to inspire confidence and offer congratulations.


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