Your Willow Tree® Stories

Enjoy these personal stories from fellow Willow Tree customers. We invite you to share your story with us, too. To read stories about a specific Willow Tree piece, click on the detail page for that piece.

Angel of friendship

I recently lost my beloved dog Sam of 13 years. This angel holding a dog reminds me of the times I did this when he wanted reassurance if at the vets. The angel now sits alongside his ashes by the side of my bed guarding over him.

Kindness (girl)

Mom is 88 and healthy, but every day we are able to spend together is precious. Today we had breakfast and went to a new gift store. They had an amazing display of Willow Tree figurines. Mom knows how much I love my kitties. I've had 6 over the past 25 years, each of them unique. When mom spied the figure of the girl and the kitty, she knew it was for me. It's such a perfect, cool gift. I will treasure it the way I've treasured my kitties and the way I treasure my mom.


I have had so many good and bad experiences but have learned it's only through Jesus that I can be truly happy and fulfilled in myself and also in helping others, using all my experiences. Now that I have turned 50 I am looking forward to truly SHINING for Him, in totally surrendering myself & totally absorbing myself in him, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in all situations and He will SHINE in me to others I am seeking to help. With my birthday money I bought your statue to be a constant reminder to surrender and SHINE!


The pineapple is a symbol of infertility. After our 1st failed IVF cycle we brought this to mark our struggles and offer us hope to the future.


Remembrance - i lost my mama last year to stomach cancer in June 2017. Before she passed away she brought everyone in our family something we liked or she knew we collected to remember her by.
We weren't allowed what ever our last gift would be from her though until this Christmas just gone, so on Christmas day I opened all my other presents but saved this special one til the very end And I'm glad I did because I look at this piece every day and remember my mama.