Your Willow Tree® Stories

Enjoy these personal stories from Willow Tree customers. We’re so grateful for you, our family of customers, and how generously you share your lives and loved ones with us!

Since 2000, the Willow Tree brand has grown in a grassroots fashion. Customers tell us that they see themselves and their loved ones in the Willow Tree figurines and angels they’ve received as gifts, and they let us know about their experiences. In turn, we’ve learned about what’s important to these customers through the personal stories they’ve shared in letters and emails. Willow Tree artist Susan Lordi has always said, “it’s not so much about the piece—Willow Tree is a reminder of someone we love, or a memory we want to touch…” We hope that while looking through our website, you will discover a piece that communicates through gesture just the emotions that you want to convey to another, or yourself. A reminder of support, encouragement, healing, love, loss, family, friends. Please continue to share your stories and experiences! We read each one.