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Willow Tree® sculptures
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The universal language of love is felt in the endearing gestures of these figures. Symbols such as hearts and flowers are frequently carved on the piece or held by figures. Expressive sculptures are lovely gifts for engagements, weddings, Valentine’s gift, or whenever someone wants to express love for another.


Embracing couples or iconic hearts and flowers depict new, constant and enduring love

25-36 of 52 items

the number of product on this page and in total are 25-36 of 52 items

  • Together Cake Topper
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    Together Cake Topper

    True partners in love and life
  • Small faceless girl figurine in white dress holding large pink roses boquet
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    So much love!
  • Anniversary Cake Topper
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    Anniversary Cake Topper

    Love ever endures
  • Small girl figurine wearing white dress holding red flower boquet in her hands
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    Surrounded by Love

    Abundant love surrounds you
  • Standing faceless woman figurine in white dress facing forward holding pink heart
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    Je t'aime (I Love You)

    In any language, it's you I love
  • Mother figurine holding baby in her lap - both faceless, wearing white
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    A unique love that transcends the years
  • Faceless man and woman figurines with arms around each other - woman is wearing white dress, man is wearing white shirt with brown pants
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    Together (lighter skin tones and hair color)

    For those who have found their true partner in love and life
  • Young girl faceless angel figurine wearing white dress, black wire wings, and holding arms to her chest
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    Sign for Love

    I love you
  • Small girl figurine wearing white dress holding up gold heart pendant
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    Kept forever in the heart