Congratulations to our 2019 “Everyday Blessings” giveaway winners!


Kathryn M., New Jersey 

“Family, especially my beautiful daughter I was never supposed to have due to pcos. It took 4 years to conceive, and then she decided she wanted to start coming into the world 4 months early. We were able to stay bed ridden for a month longer having her born 3 months early at 2lbs 11oz. She is our miracle and the biggest blessing!! I have a small collection started of Willow Tree figures and would love to expand it more. I love all the sayings that come with them, and they are just a joy for me to look at. I love them and one day they will all be hers!”


Rebekah F., New York 

“My beautiful son Camden. After a traumatic, near death delivery, waking up every day to his beautiful face makes my life so full. I feel so blessed to be a mother.”


Ann C., Connecticut

“Being able to get up out of bed and having my health. And of course, my family and friends.”


Laura Jo L., Alabama

“My four grandchildren are the light of my life. Most particularly after going through a recovery program and having my life restored to me. The little things matter the most, as I said my four little grandchildren (two girls and two boys) and my little wennie dog, the sun coming through the windows in the morning, the sound of the birds, a warm bath at night and cool clean sheets. It truly is the little things that make life grand. I gave a mother and child piece to another and younger lady that completed the year-long recovery program when she had her first child and experienced the joy of giving something so beautiful and sentimental to someone else. My first piece came from my sister and was the gardener piece. I treasure it so much. My second and third piece were given to me by my daughter while I was in recovery and when I finished the program. I love your pieces and their simplicity which reminds me of how important the simple things are in life and how much God has blessed me with a new life in Him.”


Jessica M., North Carolina

“After trying for a baby for six years, fighting infertility, tons of procedures, many medications, hundreds of heart breaks and countless tears, we welcomed our IVF miracle baby boy! He is my biggest blessing and treasure! I’m blessed with so many things in my life! God, husband, baby, family, friends, dogs, job, health, the list goes on and on. So thankful!”


Cyndi, S., Wisconsin

“My children and grandchildren whom have taught me more about living, every day; learning how to forgive and then making precious memories; how magnificent the colors of the world are, especially the sunrises and sunsets, which are my favorite; to know I have an amazing, supportive family who have always stood by my side; and to just be grateful...truly grateful.”


Ted S., Illinois

 “My beautiful girlfriend, she is my rock. She has saved me from a downward spiral that was going nowhere. l love her more than words can say.”


Karin D., California

“Everyday blessings in my life...waking up safely each day after escaping an abusive relationship. Being near my adults kids and my grandchildren, now...the best blessings of all.”


Mary A., North Carolina

“My sister Anne goes out of her way for me. I live in an assisted living facility, and she comes to see me.”


Shirley V., Connecticut

“My children and grandchildren. I give thanks every day for their safety and happiness. They are all amazing and beautiful souls that I am proud to be called mother and grandmother.”


Dianna B., Minnesota

“I lost my son suddenly in October 2018, then my mom January 2019. I am blessed with the love of my children and family for all of their support. The love of family is my biggest blessing.”


Kimberly C., Kansas

“My sweet, sweet granddaughter Rian Rose... My incredible, strong, courageous, and selfless sister-in-law Cindy Anderson who has suffered the deepest of deepest pain. She is not only a blessing to our family but to so many others. There is my morning coffee and the look on Rian’s face when she arrives at Mimi’s house every morning...The calls from my sweet girls every day...The “I love you” from my handsome husband multiple times a day and my alone time to reflect on all my daily blessings.”


Vickie V., Michigan

“My children and grandchildren are the most precious things in my life. My fifth grandchild was born with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. He is three years old and has already had three open heart surgeries. He goes in October 30th for a heart cath, so we know when he needs his next surgery. He also has numerous other problems, such as kabuki syndrome. This little guy has been through so much in his short life but almost always has a smile on his face. I’ve never seen a happier little boy in my entire life. He is the biggest blessings in my life even though he‘s in such a small package.”


Diana S., Indiana

“I’m grateful when I awake in the morning. I’m grateful for my Jesus that gave his life for us all. I’m grateful for my friends they are there when we need each other. I’m so grateful for my family God gave me a beautiful family. I’m grateful that God allowed me to have my Son Keith for 46 years. I’m grateful that I know I will see him again one day. I’m grateful that I have peace in my life people are important to me. My grandchildren are my joy. Most of all, I’m so grateful that Jesus was willing to give his life for us all that we could make a choice to accept him in our lives.”


Sarah C., Georgia

“I am blessed to have healthy children and family. I am a trauma nurse who sees a lot of unfortunate situations. It reminds you to never take anything for granted in this life.”


Melissa H., Georgia

“My everyday blessings are my beautiful children. I have a daughter named Iris who is almost 3 and a son named Sylvan who is 7 months old.”


Anna S., Texas

“My husband, my daughters, my mom, my pets.”


Erin P., Wyoming

“First and foremost my Lord and his unfailing love is my everyday joy. I am grateful that I have been blessed with my husband of almost 40 years. Our son, daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and another grandchild on the way. You see, I lost my mom 40 years ago to suicide when I was just 19 years old, and we lost our 23-year-old son 9 years ago. My faith has been a big part of my life for 50 years, but I can tell you our lives were rocked with these losses, and our grief in the loss of our son was crippling and it's painful every day. But.....we choose to be grateful, joyful, and to shine our Lord’s light every day. We want to live and help others to live with joy and a smile on their face every single day. I have many Willow Tree pieces that remind me of special people and events in my life. My favorite is of the angel holding the child, the angel holding our Grant, or how I used to hold our Grant. Thank you for your beautiful, joyful reminders of our precious blessings each day.”


Kathy M., Tennessee

“One of the most important of my everyday blessings is just being gifted another day from God. Being able to get out of bed in the morning is a blessing. My husband is another wonderful blessing as well as my son. Being able to get into my car and driving to a good job is a blessing. Having a roof over my head and food in my belly are more blessings. There are too many to list!”


Nikia B., Tennessee

“I reason a blessing in life is God by my life every single day and blessings every single night.”