Song of Joy

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Song of Joy

Singing... Soaring! All in universal harmony

    Song of Joy and Dance of Life are designed to be a part of the classic Nativity display…or they can be enjoyed on their own. Singly or together, they make wonderful wedding gifts, new baby gifts, spiritual milestone commemoratives, and holiday décor pieces.

    “For me, the art of dance is not literal. I love to take in the experience through all my senses, and feel the emotion on another level. Dance can pick you up and sweep you away... it can be sometimes uplifting, sometimes poignant; but it always strives to speak the truth. The clarity and poetic purpose of movement in dance choreography is what inspired the gestures of this piece.

    I covered the surfaces with intricately carved symbols and icons. I like that the painted effect gives the illusion of sheer lace. The wings are more ethereal than other Willow Tree; they’re minimal, more free-form, almost disappearing…

    The carvings on Dance of Life are suggestive of fruitfulness and fecundity... pomegranates and birds, intertwined with vines and berries, refer to the richness and renewal of life. On Song of Joy, the carvings are more celestial... sun, moon, stars... alluding to rhythmic cycles and seasons. I hope that these pieces can be enjoyed singly or together, with the Nativity or on their own.”

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    Song of Joy

    Submitted by Reno Taylor in Wheatland, WY, October 2016

    All of my Willow Tree collection is special for a variety of reasons, but my most cherished piece is Song of Joy. It was given by a dear friend who said she'd bought it to keep but had been led to give it to me. She said it reminded her of my daughters who dance. She passed away unexpectedly of a massive coronary a few days later.

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    Song of Joy

    Submitted by Bonnie in Western New York, December 2015

    I gave my life to Christ in 2006. Over the past year I began thinking "perhaps I'm not going to heaven". I knew Christ had forgiven me my sins but this one sin; well, I didn't think it was a sin at the time it happened, but lately with the news and all I began to believe it really was a sin and I looked at it with new eyes. God had forgiven me in 2006 when I accepted him as my savior, but now knowing what I know, I couldn't forgive myself. That is like calling God a liar so I was really in trouble and thoughts of heaven in my future were very clouded for me. Just before Thanksgiving my church was having baptisms for anyone who had not been baptized which just made me feel worse about myself. I was in the entry with 2 friends, both very strong Christians, and I started telling them my ordeal, tears running down my face, how I just knew I'd never go to heaven, etc. They right then prayed over me and then one of them walked me into the service and we re-confirmed our faith, a baptism renewal so to speak. I knew many others up there alongside me. When I walked out my heart was healed. All the foreboding thoughts were gone and they still are. I have been forgiven. Knowing this has filled my heart with a song of joy. This ornament will always remind me of God's grace and that day. I'm free and full of joy.

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    Song of Joy Angel

    Submitted by Judy Archip in Minburn, Iowa, November 2015

    My mother, a devout Christian, died 21 years ago. This past summer, we had water damage that ruined a storage tub of my mother's things. As I was going through the tub, trying to salvage anything I could, I came across her billfold. I went through it, and discovered $38.79. I set the money aside, knowing I would know what to use it for when the time came. I have the Willow Tree Nativity set, and treasure it like my mom treasured her nativity set. When I have been able, I have added pieces to my set so that it is now almost complete. This year, I was curious to see if there was a piece that I might add, so I went online to the Willow Tree site. I had seen the angel in a store from a distance, but had never looked at it closely. When I read about the angel, I just knew that she was what I was supposed to buy with the money from my mom's billfold. So, I went to a store about 15 miles from our home that sells the Willow Tree figures and purchased the Song of Joy angel for $38 which was the amount in Mom's billfold. She is so graceful and looking at her touches my heart and she makes me think of my mom. She is the perfect addition for my Willow Tree Nativity set. And--my mom's middle name is Joy. Thank you Susan Lordi for creating your beautiful pieces that are able to touch our hearts without the distraction of painted-on faces, clothing, etc.!!

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    Song of Joy Ornament

    Submitted by Joanna Snow in Clay, NY, December 2014

    This piece represents many ongoing & important events in my heart & life in 2014. My granddaughter did magnificently at her required solo recital in college in Nov.; which was required to receive a Music Education Teaching Degree. She memorized & sung operas in Spanish, German and Italian along with four other selections - bravo! Part of my time is spent practicing & singing with our church choir. My new daughter-in-law, in August, knew for years I have had a Christmas tree decorated only with angels. She not only gave me the Song of Joy angel; which is lovely and part of the beauty is that it seems to depict a flowing movement. Also, she gave me a beautiful stand to suspend her on. The ornament is now on display along with so many other items that represent special memories and love. With thanks to the Lord for family and our many blessings.

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    • Singing... Soaring! All in universal harmony
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