2017 Ornament

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2017 Ornament

A collection of treasured memories

    This year's ornament is especially nice for teachers and graduates. Dated Ornaments are a tangible way to acknowledge golden experiences such as graduation, marriage, a new baby, new job or achievement of personal goals.

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    2017 Ornament

    Submitted by Angela Glielmi in PA, December 2017

    I am now officially a collector! In 2014, my boss brought me a Willow Angel, in 2017, my new boss brought me a Christmas Angel, then my previous boss from 2009, who became my close friend, presented me with the 2017 Ornament. My girlfriend, who passed away from cancer in 2016, had a Willow Angel, and that was given to me as a remembrance. I believe I am destined to have these beautiful keepsakes in my life. Maybe it has something to do with my name! Angela

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    2017 ornament

    Submitted by Barbara in Fresno California, December 2017

    I bought this piece for my author friend Vicki. She has encouraged my own writing career and in 2017 Vicki made me submit my book for publication. She always is willing to help the budding authors in our critique group. She does this as a gift. She is willing to point out the good and bad of every story. I could never thank this angel for her help and love.

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    Submitted by Lori in Thomasville NC, December 2017

    My beautiful Willow Tree Christmas Ornament that I got today from my work Christmas Party!!! This special piece will remind me of two precious Foster Children that came to us this year May of 2017 that we love so very much!!!

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    Angel - 2017 Ornament

    Submitted by Wayne in Suffolk, Va, November 2017

    Last year, my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer - even after undergoing treatment, we learned last Christmas that it had spread and was now stage 4. We had faith that she would be healed, but earlier this year we learned it had spread to her brain, and she passed away in August. This ornament was given to me as a gift a few days after she passed away to remind me and my son of her - she became an angel in 2017. Christmas was always her favorite holiday - she always laughed and smiled, but this time of year the frequency of both increased greatly. She loved decorating the tree, decorating our home, writing friends, and mailing Christmas cards ... this is our first Christmas without her, and it is an incredibly difficult time for my son and me - mementos like this help us remember the special person that she was, and whenever I see the ornament on the tree, it makes me think of those great Christmases we had with her, and that she really is still with is ...

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    2017 Ornament

    Submitted by Maggie in Connecticut, April 2017

    I had a Miniature Pincher, named Caesar, for 15 years. Two weeks after his 15 birthday, he was diagnosed with cancer. A couple of days ago he passed away. I am devasted but this angel of comfort was brought me some peace. Maggie and Caesar <3

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