Anniversary Cake Topper

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Anniversary Cake Topper

Love ever endures

    The very popular Anniversary figure has been scaled down and affixed to a decorative base, as a perfect complement to the Promise Cake Topper. A keepsake for weddings and anniversaries. Silver or gold, or for any year, it’s a way to celebrate enduring love.

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    Submitted by Yolanda in Ohio, October 2012

    I can't explain how long i've been wanting a piece from the Willow Tree collections. They're so precious to me. I've been married for a year as of 10.21.12. As we walked into Hallmark I was hinting to my husband that I had been longing for one of these. He said "go and pick one out" so I did and I picked the "Anniversary" figurine. I love it. It was our 1 year anniversary when I picked it out so it made sense. We bought the cake topper size to start our collection. It's sitting right next to our wedding photos. Thank you, Susan, for making such a beautiful collection of figurines. They make great gifts and they mean a lot to people.

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    Anniversary Cake Topper

    Submitted by Shanna in VA, January 2012

    My husband's parents just recently celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. They've been together for about 46 years. We wanted to do something very special for them because they have always done so much for us and everyone they know. We planned a surprise anniversary party. The theme was the beach because they LOVE the beach. I made a 2 tier cake and used the Willow Tree Anniversary Cake topper on the top. The cake looked gorgeous with it. My mother-in-law loves Willow Tree and has a very large collection of them. She took one look at the top of the cake and was over the moon. This piece is now displayed next to their original cake topper. Thank you for making such a wonderful product that turned into a wonderful memory.

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    Anniversary Cake Topper

    Submitted by Brenda in WA, July 2011

    My parents just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. But I need to share their story. Mom and Dad met at Mt. Rainier, he a cowboy trail guide and mom a soda shop girl at Paradise Inn. They were married and had three girls, one of whom passed away at the age of 29 with breast cancer. Four years ago, dad had a tree accident and Mom was by his side the whole time as we all went through the three months of dad deciding whether to choose between life and his leg. His leg lost. His left leg was amputated above the knee. He went a whole year on crutches waiting for that prosthetic leg. He has adjusted extremely well, and what everyone says about dad is that he NEVER gives up. So early this year in March, mom went in for surgery to remove part of her large intestine and reattach it laparoscopically. Things were going well; then five days later things went really bad and the doctors had to cut her open. She had developed sepsis because of a cut in her small intestine made during the first surgery. She had a 50/50 chance of making it. After four days we moved her to a larger facility as she had not yet awakened. The day we moved her she started to wake up. Slowly mom started to recover, and the doctors and nurses were amazed. Something that was supposed to be a ten-day surgery/recovery turned into three months; dad was by her side the whole time. She has almost regained her strength completely and is home and definitely driving and getting around like her old self. So a few days before the anniversary party my sister found the Anniversary Cake Topper. When we saw it we both got really choked up as it truly represented what my parents have gone through the last few years. The anniversary was not only a celebration of them being together for 50 years but also a celebration of life! So many people say that these two lives have definitely made an impact on them.

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