Together Cake Topper

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Together Cake Topper

True partners in love and life

    Willow Tree® Cake Toppers are a romantic and commemorative keepsake for weddings and anniversaries, or any celebratory event of enduring love. The bases of carved flowers provide stability as well as beauty. The resin and paint are cured and lead-free. All materials have been tested to ensure food safety.

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    Together Cake Topper

    Submitted by Glenda Jones in Kindersley SK, October 2015

    This piece "Together" was a wedding gift from my sister and mother. This item brings true spiritual inspiration that represents both my husband and me. When I look at it I think of our close love for each other from the very beginning to the end of times. It"s a a reminder to put into our relationship each day of what we promised each other. It even looks a little like us. Thank you for your creativity.

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    Promise Cake Topper

    Submitted by Priscila in Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, July 2015

    Do you know when you see something for the very first time and you think "one day I’ll have it for my wedding?" So, that happened with me and was so amazing that I never really forget it. Years after a really good friend – she’s also like a sister to me – invited me to her wedding and when I went to see the cake my eyes couldn’t really believe that I was looking to my perfect couple, and at the same second I cried. That was really unexpected because I’m not that romantic. So, I decided to move back to Brazil after a really heartbroken relationship and not expecting at all to be in love again. And in the end of this year (2013), once again I had a chance to see my perfect cake topper in a friend’s wedding. It was a perfect wedding in a castle, something that all the romantic girls love to think, imagine and do, right? But me, at the time, I wasn’t wishing anything like that. On May of 2014 I found a guy that makes my heart beat more than all the love songs that I’ve the chance to listen. I never planned to feel like that for anybody. We two studied together at school and years after that we just rematch and fell in love. Today I’m ready to say I DO and get married! Guess what I want for my cake topper now? 

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    Together True partners in love and life & Angel's Embrace

    Submitted by Tina in Canada, February 2015

    When I was planning my wedding I always wanted a cake topper that we could keep out and not have sitting in a box. As soon as I saw the Together -True partners in love and life piece I fell in love with it. I have it in my living room with a few pictures from the wedding around it. I work at a child care centre with infants. I know it is very hard to leave your child with someone who is not a family member or friend. I always try to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone. While doing this I develop a very close bond with the families. When one of the children in my classroom was leaving my room because he was old enough to move to the next classroom his parents gave me the Angel's Embrace piece. As soon as I opened it I started to cry because it was so beautiful. She said she had remembered that when I got married a few months before this I bought the Together True partners in love and life piece. She also said that as soon as she saw the Angel's Embrace piece she thought of me and how I made her and her family feel when they were at the centre. I will always remember that family because of the bond we have but now every time I see the piece in my living room I smile and think of them.

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    Together cake topper

    Submitted by Debbie Chettle in Tasmania, australia, January 2015

    I have just purchased Together CakeTtopper. This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary; we are going to renew our vows. I decorate cakes and the cake topper is just perfect for our cake. The cake shall just be in natural colors, and around each tier a hessian ribbon with a cream satin ribbon through the center of that with a bow. It is simple but is going to look awesome.

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    Submitted by Brian in Big Sandy, TX/, November 2014

    My soon to be wife and I were both going through stressful and emotional divorces from our spouses. I had made a comment in casual conversation that I needed to get away for a few days and take a motorcycle ride into the mountains to clear my mind. My friend, at that time, became interested at the thought of riding and refreshing and asked if she could go with me. I thought a little companionship would be nice so I agreed to take her along. One afternoon on our trip we stopped to rest at a state park and I sat on a bench while my friend walked around looking at the river running close by. We began talking about our frustrations in our current divorces and during our conversation my friend reached over and embraced me from behind. Later on in the trip we were looking through a gift shop in a small town we stopped at to rest and my friend was drawn to a display of Willow Tree figures. She began to smile when she saw the 'Together' cake topper and called for me to come over and look. She said, See those two in the figurine, she is holding him just like I held you at the park. I couldn't resist buying the cake topper for her because of her joy. When we returned from our trip, she immediately unpacked the figure to show her daughter and her face turned to a frown. It was a figure of a man and woman embracing but the embrace was not the same as the 'Together' figure. I was clueless, I thought an embrace was an embrace but my friend said that the 'Together' embrace was just exactly the same as when she held me for the first time. I found the phone number to the store we had visited and explained they must have wrapped the wrong one by mistake. They were very apologetic and mailed the right figure to us at their expense after I sent them the one we had. My friend keeps the 'Together' cake topper prominently displayed in her living room and is quick to tell her friends what that piece means to her. Over the past several months our friendship has grown into a caring, loving relationship that we have decided is meant to be forever. I am sure the cake topper will indeed be on top of our soon to be wedding cake.

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    Together Cake Topper

    Submitted by Donna Wilkins in Waynesville, NC, March 2014

    I have purchased Willow Tree pieces for my daughter for Christmas for several years. This year I bought Together for her as she was newly engaged. Unbeknownst to me, my husband purchased Together for me at Christmas to celebrate our 56 years of marriage. My daughter has recently told me that she is using Together for her cake topper. I wondered about the stability until I saw your website and see that Together is especially made for a cake topper.

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    Together Cake Topper

    Submitted by Jan Heuvel in Queensland, Australia, February 2014

    I was looking for something special to mark my darling husband and my 50th Anniversary of when we met. We were only 13 and 14 and we married 6 years later. We are best friends and soul mates. We're very lucky to have such a great love that has lasted. I found our "together" in our little suburban jewelers. It was the only one and it was perfect. My husband is delighted with it too and it stands on a little alcove in our dining room.

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    Together Cake Topper

    Submitted by Sylvia Milligan in Cartersville Ga, March 2013

    My fiance's cousin collected these figures before she passed away from cancer, and a few days after he proposed we found out that this cake topper is sold at a local store. His cousin was such a big part of his life that I want to honor her memory in some way other than just a picture on a program. As we were looking at the figures he told me about how she had loved these figures and about the collection she had once owned. I knew right then that this was my way of honoring her memory in some little way. So on the day I get married and every day after that he and I will be able to look at this figure and the ones that will join it and know that in some small way she was there with us.

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    Together Cake Topper

    Submitted by Mayra L in American Fork, Utah, January 2013

    I purchased this piece because I love it,When I got home I placed it next to my wedding pictures and realized that the pose in the piece is the same as in my wedding day picture. I started to cry, because your piece fulfilled a dream in my life--to have my wedding day be a special part of my life. Thank you!

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    • Name: Together Cake Topper
    • Materials: resin
    • Measurements: 6"h
    • Sentiment: True partners in love and life
    • Wipe clean with damp cloth