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Love is patient, love is kind

    "Patience is about inner reflection, peace and calm. Her coloring is very soft, very quiet. I wanted the viewer to feel the weight of her leaning on her hands. To feel the passage of time—when everything stops—to be in the present.

    "It's a reminder to take a moment to breathe."

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    Submitted by Pam Kutz in Coldwater, KS, October 2016

    Hi! The Angel of Patience Willow Tree means the most to me, because my mother-in-law, Ida Jones, gave it to me in 2014. She taught me what it means & takes to be the best Patient, loving & caring mother-in-law ever. She was my mother-in-law for 18 glorious years. She treated me like her own daughter instead of a daughter-in-law. When my husband, David and I, relocated from Garden City, KS to Coldwater, my mother-in-law moved in with us, as she could no longer take care of herself. She had dementia, so from September 3, 2014 to her passing on May 12, 2016, I took care of her full time every day. We would spend hours & hours visiting about her life as a child and her marriage to her husband John. She would tell me about her pregnancy with my husband, what he was like as a child and the various jobs she worked at during her lifetime. I cherish those talks that we had & I miss her every single day. Before her dementia got too bad, we would go for drives and end up in her hometown of Sawyer, KS which is about 50 miles NE of of Coldwater. She showed me the house that she lived in as a young girl and the home that she lived in when she was in High School. She also told & taught me that Patience is everything in this world. She had so very much patience with me & I with her, when her dementia really started to get the best of her. I never, in all the years I knew her, saw her mad. She was so sweet and didn't know a stranger. I will always cherish my Angel of Patience and remember my Ida when I see it sitting in my curio cabinet with the rest of my Willow Tree Angels.I just hope that I can be the mother-in-law to my daughter-in-law Haley, that Ida was to me.

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    Submitted by Victoria in Franklin VA, October 2016

    I have been dating my best friend Nathan since May 9th 2015 on August 27th 2016 he asked me to marry him. One week later his family and I took him to college almost 1000 miles away. I have anxiety disorder and him being gone is so hard. The first two weeks all i did was cry my eyes out. I have grown a lot closer to the Lord since he has been gone. Trust and patience plays a big role in our long distance relationship. We will be getting married May 27th 2017. I have been counting down these days since he left. The Patience piece I think fits perfectly for me as I am waiting patiently for my prince charming to come home to me<3

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    Submitted by Heather in New jersey, September 2016

    Im a single mommy of two boys and i love them both with all of my heart but sometimes patience is truly what I need. I am also sick but i will never let that stop me from taking care of the two loves of my life who are my boys ❤

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    Submitted by Linda de la Paz in Philippines, August 2016

    Every time I go to America, I want to pass by a Hallmark store to look at Susan's beautiful art works. When my son pased away.... my collection of Susan's art pieces which I bought separately projected my family of 7. I had it displayed at my husband's wake.. It was the talk of the sympathisers asking me if I had ordered it, as it depicted my family's bonding.

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    • Name: Patience
    • Materials: resin
    • Measurements: 7"h
    • Interior packaging: recyclable paper pulp
    • Sentiment: Love is patient, love is kind
    • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.