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Willow Tree® sculptures
since 2000

a tree, a prayer Metal-edged Ornament | Willow Tree

a tree, a prayer Metal-edged Ornament

Strength, beauty and peace each day
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  • Round wooden outline cream pendant with image of faceless woman figurine praying in white dress
  • Round cream pendant with wooden outline, center says 'strength, beauty, and peace each day'
  • Close view of round cream pendant with carved in blonde girl in the center
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a tree, a prayer Metal-edged Ornament

Strength, beauty and peace each day

An acknowledgement of spiritual milestones; an uplifting piece to encourage and support, or a healing remembrance keepsake.

About this Piece

Carved bas-relief mini-plaque Ornaments are edged in delicate metal lace and brushed with glitter. Sentiment is printed in elegant script on back, so that both sides are lovely to view. A thoughtful appreciation gift... or a little something meaningful to add to a wrapped package. Welcome in an ornament exchange!

image of Susan Lordi

Product Details

  • 2”oval hand-painted resin bas-relief ornament with pierced metal and glitter accent. Brown elastic cord for hanging. Sentiment written on back of ornament.
  • Clear packaging box shows front of Ornament
  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents

Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi

Susan Lordi's artistic process is rather intuitive; she "sketches" in clay as she conceives, sculpts and carves each piece, always with a focus on gesture that speaks to the universal. By stripping down the essence of emotion to pure form, she opens the interpretation of each piece to the giver and the receiver. This one-of-a-kind approach to product creation makes her pieces truly individual... her hand, and her unique perspective, is evident in each sculpture.

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