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Our Love Song

    "I see Duet as a very personal gift, like giving a piece of jewelry; something small and treasured. When you open this love box, Duet, I hope you will think of the person who gave it to you, just like when you wear a piece of jewelry that you love."

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    Submitted by Marielle in Norway, October 2017

    I saw the piece and was all like «I REALLY HAVE TO HAVE THIS ONE» 😍 It’s so touching and I really love it. It’ll be with me everywhere I go. I feel like it’s speaking to me on a whole new level, feel like crying tbh 🙈

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    Anniversary Love ever endures

    Submitted by Carol Anderson in Calgary Alberta, May 2017

    May 12, 2017 was our 33 anniversary. This past year has been an incredibly difficult year for us. On August 29, 2016 our 25 year old son Brandon had just left work in Fort McMurray and was on his way home to Calgary to spend days off with family. Only 3 minutes from work he was killed in a horrific crash caused by another driver. Our three daughters, my husband and I have been attempting to navigate this new path we have been thrust onto. When I opened the Willow Tree box I was immediately brought to tears. This piece symbolizes how my husband and I have been able to endure the past 8 months, and how we will get through the rest of our lives without our son. I have always admired the Willow Tree pieces and have given many as gifts, but have never collected them myself. This first one has touched me deeply.

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    angel of prayer

    Submitted by Kathy Steel in Johnstown Pennsylvania, February 2017

    I got this piece from our hospital store one day. I was on my lunch and thinking about my son who just joined the Military (Army National Guard) and is struggling with the physical fitness portion of his training. Heis very tall and very very thin, so the physical part is tough. He also has never been away from home and this is a huge change for him. I saw this piece in the window of the little store and I felt such comfort looking at it that I bought I for my desk at work. Every time I look at it I am reminded that an Angel is looking over my son and will help him through this tough time. Thank you, Kathy

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    Duet most recent, too many to list

    Submitted by Juls Swayze in Las Vegas, NV, March 2016

    A few years ago for my birthday, our office staff all chipped in to get me a couple of new Willow Trees, my husband closed the office so they could all take me to lunch! Well after a fabulous lunch and a cake, they handed me my gifts.... 3 new Willow tree (1, I DID already have... "Happiness") but I told them it was totally ok! They then asked me what it is that I love so much about the Willow Tree collection, and I said "it has to be the expressions, the way they smile and make me happy or the way the emotion radiates and comforts me!" Well they laughed at me but were puzzled, "There aren't any expressions," one person said. "Did we buy the wrong ones?" another one asked. And it dawned on me, I have been collecting them back almost 10 years, and each one provoked such a heavy emotion of love, joy, cheer, sadness, beauty and pure true feelings, that I actually see a face, there ARE expressions on all of my Willow trees!!!! I imagine such a heavy emotion that my mind sees a face!!! We all chuckled and I had a great laugh at myself, but I want you to know that I have 33 figurines. And each and every one DOES have a facial feature!! My heart looks at them and sees what it should!! I am now and have always been one of your biggest fans!! I love your work and all that you put into them!! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful collection!!! I look forward to many more pieces for hopefully years to come!! Sincerely, Juls

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    • 4.75"w x 4.75"h; 9.5" wide when open; .25" deep doors
    • Inside message: You are my one true love. Hinged resin box; applied gold leaf. Can be hung on wall or free standing. Hanger style: Keyhole.
    • Our Love Song
    • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.
      "Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.",