Love my Dog (dark)

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Love my Dog (dark)

Always with me, full of personality!

    Our pets become much more than pets to us... they are constant companions, best friends, playmates, therapists, and always, always by our side, on our lap, at our feet. Every cat and dog has its own idiosyncratic personality—quirks that might not be understood by others, but are lovingly tolerated by owners, regardless.

    "Somehow our pets sense—they just know—how we feel. And totally accept us, in whatever emotional or physical state we appear. They teach us about friendship and patience and inner peace. They support us with loyalty, softness, an independent spirit and expressive gaze. It is true that animals have a sixth sense. It is the sense of love, unconditionally."

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    Love My Dog

    Submitted by Sharm in Melbourne, Australia, December 2017

    My beloved dog Randy left us on Christmas Day of 2013. We witnessed him draw his last breath and since then, we always celebrate him during Christmas. Every year, my sisters and I would buy the most beautiful roses for darling Randy and place them beside a special something - one year it was gratitude rocks, just because we are and always will be grateful for Randy. This year, the Love My Dog sculpture was our pick. Randy was a beautiful brown lab and this piece reminded us of him so much. I remember sitting outside my parents’ house one day with Randy after we went for a walk. My sisters continued their walks as the sun set and the day was turning to night. Though Randy sat with me, he never took his eyes off my sisters, till they reached the bend at the road, because that’s what he always did - he always took care of us. This Christmas, we celebrate Randy, our best friend in the world, who showered us with unconditional love all day, everyday. We love you Randy boy.

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    Love my Dog (dark)

    Submitted by Mary Lou Seymour in South Carolina, December 2017

    I was given this lovely piece today for Christmas by my dear friend JoAnn ... Good Dog is absolutely beautiful, so expressive, he has a new home on my kitchen windowshelf where I can see him every time I look out the window at my own dogs when they're playing in the yard. Truly a wonderful gift.

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    Love my Dog (dark)

    Submitted by Marge DiMarcello in PA, November 2017

    I received Love my Dog dark today as a birthday gift. It was given to me as a remembrance of by beloved Chocolate Lab, Shimmer. She died about 2 years just a few days short of her 13th birthday. She was everything to me. I still miss her so much. I love having this piece . Looking at the piece and trying to remember our happy memories. My Shimmer will be forever in my heart.

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    Angels of Frendship & Comfort

    Submitted by Mary Maguire in New York, September 2017

    I recently purchased the Angel of Friendship when I lost my beloved beagle, Belle. Needless to say,I was heartbroken and the Friendship Angel reminded me of myself and Belle as I often held her. It was comforting for me to view. Then I saw The Angel of Comfort and thought of Belle again from when she was younger and I would sit on the floor to play with her. I thought of my husband also and thought he would like to view the Angel of Comfort as himself. These angels are beautiful and I have placed them on the mantel with Belle's box of ashes,one on either side of her. It gives us great comfort to see the angels with the picture of my beloved dog, thinking that she is never alone. Today I saw the new dog statue and may look into purchasing it as I am also reminded of my beagle. It is amazing with the great number of dogs in the world that I see the angels holding Belle and the new dog statue also looks like her. What a great talent Ms.Lordi has to be able to create these feelings. I would like to thank her for her wonderful talents and deep understanding of comfort and friendship.

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    • Always with me, full of personality!
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