For Always

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For Always

Now and for always, I carry you in my heart

    "I wanted this pose to evoke a feeling of being completely in the present with your child—the weight, the scent, the feel... sharing with each other the silent vow that you will be there for always.

    "The months of infancy are like none other, maybe because you feel the baby is still part of you... baby and mother still as one, nothing can come between. The essential promise that a mother makes to her child, to love and protect forevermore, is unconditional."

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    For Always

    Submitted by Karen in American Fork, Utah, July 2017

    Hi, my name is Karen I picked out this figurine because my 28 year old son just passed away in a motorcycle accident 2 days ago. I found it at my pharmacy where the employees know me after many years of going there. They simply gave it to me to show their love for me. I wish our lives were always about giving and receiving simple acts of kindness like these loving people gave. I wish more than anything that I could have held my son one more time as the figurine shows. Thank you for allowing me to share my story, Love, Karen

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    Our gift and for always

    Submitted by Tanya in Ballinamore, Ireland, June 2017

    My son was born prematurely at 27 weeks on the 18th of June 2016. He was very sick and two days after his birth we were told to say our goodbyes. He beat the odds and pulled through. He was born in Dublin. The hospital was in the city centre and we ventured out a week after he was born. We came across a shop called Tierneys. They stocked Willow Tree. I was admiring the selection and shortly after we returned to the hospital. My partner nipped back and purchased 'Our gift'. After the horrendous time we had it brought a huge smile to my face. It was perfect and summed up how we felt. Our son was our gift. He was in hospital for three months before we brought him home. He suffered a major bleed into his chest, two large bleeds to his brain and heart surgery. But, he survived. We celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday. My partner surprised me with 'For Always'. Again, it was perfect and summed up perfectly the love I have for my little boy. I give thanks every day that we were allowed to keep him, and I make that promos everyday..... I will love him for always....... Thank you xxx

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    For Always, We are Three

    Submitted by Claudia Flores de Azevedo Pereira in Brasil, June 2017

    Hi Susan! I was traveling in Germany, in Frankfurt, when I fell in love with his plays. They are the expression of the purest love and human delicacy! Soon in the Black Forest In Triberg I bought another piece, I did not resist. I'm coming back to Brazil very happy to know your art ... Congratulations

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    For Always

    Submitted by Mary Jo Hudson in Des Moines, Ia, May 2017

    In 1990, my husband and I took a vacation without our children. Our third child was 2 at the time. When we returned, he jumped into my lap with his legs straddled around me. He would sit back and look at me and then embrace me, saying, 'Oh, Mommy.' I'm sure he thought I was never coming back and was delighted to see me. Fourteen years later, this son had a traumatic brain injury leaving him in a vegetative state. I spend my days caring for his needs. The mother's hand on the boy's head symbolize the care a mom has for her son, body, soul, mind, and spirit. This sculpture captures a memory and tells the story of the bond between us. Thank you.

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    For Always

    Submitted by Helene Hansen in DANMARK, March 2017

    This figurine actually made me all teary-eyed. I have an almost 3 year-old son (and a 15-year old TEEN!) and the way that I feel about my "baby" is fully expressed in this figurine. I love his scent, the feeling of the physical (heart to heart) contact and the intimate (no screens, no distractions, no stress) situation that can be so hard to find nowadays. And the accompanying slogan, fits perfectly. I love you now and forever, and will protect you now and forever. PS: I love my 15 year-old too if you were in a doubt. ;)

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    For Always

    Submitted by Machelle Stotts in Cheyenne, WY, February 2017

    I am ordering "For Always" because I just lost my little boy 9 weeks ago. I held him like that. Oliver will forever be 15 months old. And he will always be in my heart.

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    For alwaya

    Submitted by Melissa Keefer in Boardman Oregon, January 2017

    I am going to get this for my daughter who is a teen mom. She is a great mother who has grown so much because of her beautiful daughter. They could have been the models for this sculpture. She even wears her hair like this. I love that you think about so many different life situations that many ignore. Your work has always inspired our family from the day my mother died, and to this day, we have seen and collected many pieces that mean so much to us. Thank you!

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    • 6.5"h
    • Interior packaging: recyclable paper pulp
    • Now and for always, I carry you in my heart