Courage Musical

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Courage Musical

Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage

    Turns and plays Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”

    Music and movement transform this full-scale, beloved figure. The hand-painted base elevates the figure while it turns beautifully to classic, familiar melodies.

    This Musical is an uplifting and encouraging gift for someone in the healing process or who needs support. It could also celebrate accomplishments such as graduation and promotions as one moves on to new challenges.

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    Courage Musical

    Submitted by Thomas in Austria, December 2013

    I got this beautiful Musical Angel from my lovely sister for Christmas. I saw the Willow Tree Angels the first time on my summer school in Finland at the Christmas village from Rovanemi; it is exactly on the polar circle. There I bought an Angel for my parents, for my sister, for my best friend and for myself. I like the different meaning of the angel and you can tell somebody something very easy with these angels what is very difficult to say. So I bought a new one for a very special friend when she stopped working with me and she went on a big journey and I have to say goodbye. These angels help me a lot to say to important people what I feel. Also these angels which I bought for myself hearten me a lot. And now I got my first angel as a present from my sister. It is this encourage musical angel. I love it. It is a present from my lovely sister and she chose this one. It should encourage me on my life points. For me my life will change the next year a lot and I think a lot of times about it. I thought suddenly about my life changes and at the same time I felt no fear, I felt strong because I know my family stands by my side and I feel connected by everyone who have this encourage angel because I am not the only one who have to make decisions. It feels like a lot of people stand by my side. I am very happy now and I don´t forget this feeling, when hard times come.

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    Courage Musical

    Submitted by bonnie in lancaster,pa, April 2013

    I was in the local Hallmark store doing window shopping. I enjoy looking at your pieces,which I have brought for family and friends over the years. Even though I never received one or bought one for myself,I was drawn to this piece. When I saw it was Courage,I needed to get this for myself, because at this time in my life I really need it. Steve, my husband of 22 1/2 years died four months ago,of a massive heart attack at the age of 63. And I need all the courage to face life alone without him by my side. So I picked it up and wound it up, to hear "Ode To Joy." The tears started to come down my cheeks. You see, that is the song that Steve and I walked down the aisle to after the minster said that we were husband and wife. When we planned the wedding Steve didn't care what I had played before or during, but he wanted us to walk down the aisle to "Ode To Joy." The before and after was John Denver music, all played by a trio playing a mountain dulcimer,fiddle and guitar. Needless to say I brought this one on the spot. I love listening to it.

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    Courage Musical

    Submitted by Laurie in Ohio, October 2012

    I received this wonderful Willow Tree piece from the folks/friends that I work with. Things had been hectic at work. I make it a point to not let the guff trickle down to my team but a recent occurrence at work caused my team to receive harsh feedback. It did not go over well with my team and they felt bad for how it was reflected towards me. So, this piece of "Courage" was a show of support from them to me. I have told them many times what a great team they are and how lucky I am! This piece will always be a wonderful reminder of this great group of people I get to call my team!! They are simply the best!

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    Courage Musical

    Submitted by teresa in md, January 2012

    Each year since my divorce, my girls have been giving me a Willow Tree figure for Christmas. This year, after my older daughter went away to college, and my younger one endured some trying times with my ex-husband, they gave me the musical Angel of Courage. This touched my heart, because they know that the last four years have not been easy. They are my angels!

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    • Name: Courage Musical
    • Materials: resin, stainless steel, metal, plastic
    • Measurements: 8"h
    • Musical has rotating base
    • Plays: Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"
    • Sentiment: Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage
      "Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.",